Winter is coming…to the land down under!

Skiing and snowboarding in Australia is much like skiing and snowboarding in the northern hemisphere, but upside down. Or maybe right side up, depends on where you’re from and how rad you rip. Anyways the same theories are there, the annual pilgrimage to the Alps (in Aussies case a smaller version of said ‘Alps’), the overpriced ski gear (cue Aldi), the cheap (wink wink) accommodation and the underpaid snow bums (same bunch of groms you find up North just down South).  So if you’re looking for the common ski holiday, mate stick to northern hemisphere don’t venture down under!

An Aussie winter is what those Northern folks call mild, but oh boy if you’re a sunny southerner like myself you’ll need more than a cardie to keep you toasty. Sure a warmer climate is lovely and all but the idea of a winter wonderland lacks somewhat when people consider ripped jeans, puffer vests and thongs, viable après wear. But I guess that’s just Australia for you. Don’t get me wrong it does get chilly, but nothing a warm hot choc and some snuggly uggs won’t fix.

Its mid-May and the Southern Alps have already had their first dusting of the good stuff. I think it’s safe to say that winters well on its way. So start prepping the electric blankets and hot water bottles because mother natures only slowing down for a bad case of the global warmings.

x sno frills


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